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Make Your Body Shape Work for YOU! Part 6: Hourglass Shape

In the previous post about body shapes I wrote about circle shape. Today I want to share with you some styling tips for those women who have the ideal body shape - hourglass shape.

Hourglass Shape:

  • well-defined waist that is narrower than your shoulders and hips
  • shoulders and hips are equal of size 

What works for you if you have hourglass shape?

  • clothes that emphasises your narrow waist (e.g. wear A-line, pencil or voluminous skirts; use dark belts) 
  • belted jackets
  • soft fabrics that shows your curves

Here is some inspiration for you! :) 


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ESMOD Graduation Show 2014 (part 2)



One of my favourite collections :) 


all photos by Fashionable Corner

ESMOD Graduation Show 2014

It becomes a tradition that every year I attend ESMOD Graduation Show. I see the improvement every time and this time it was not exclusion. However I hope next time they choose a better location as Opera House didn't have enough sitting places for the guests.

Waiting for the show to begin


To Be continued...

Spring Tenderness

Styling & hair by FashionableCorner 
Photo by Architects of Light 
Make Up by Emily Raylene Stephens
Model: Nel Ewa

Styling & hair by FashionableCorner 
Photo by Architects of Light 
Make Up by Emily Raylene Stephens
Model: Nel Ewa

Styling & hair by FashionableCorner 
Photo by Architects of Light 
Make Up by Emily Raylene Stephens
Model: Nel Ewa

Styling & hair by FashionableCorner 
Photo by Architects of Light 
Make Up by Emily Raylene Stephens
Model: Nel Ewa

Styling & hair by FashionableCorner 
Photo by Architects of Light 
Make Up by Emily Raylene Stephens
Model: Nel Ewa

Styling & hair by FashionableCorner 
Photo by Architects of Light 
Make Up by Emily Raylene Stephens
Model: Nel Ewa

Make Your Body Shape Work for YOU! Part 5: Circle Shape

 In the previous post about body shapes I wrote about  8 body shape. Today I want to share with you some styling tips for those women who have Circle shape.

Circle Body Shape:

§  narrow wrists and ankles

§  extra weight in your middle section/ tummy area

§  higher waist (the narrowest part might be right below your breast)


What works for you if you have circle body shape?

§  long tunics + narrow pants

§  feminine skirts and dresses that brings focus on legs and arms

§  patterned tights

§  darker denims

§  ruching


Here is my spring look for you! :) 

Mix It UP!

Weekends are for having fun! Having fun with clothes as well! ;) I always have fun by mixing different fashion styles. Here is the look:

Styling by Fashionable Corner


Kenzo sneakers/ RARE jeans

Styling by Fashionable Corner


VERA PELLE jacket/ RARE jeans/ REPLAY college sweater/ ALPACA SOCIETY scarf/ 

Styling by Fashionable Corner

RARE jeans/ REPLAY college sweater/ ALPACA SOCIETY scarf/ 

Styling by Fashionable Corner


Some Details 

RARE jeans/ REPLAY college sweater/ ALPACA SOCIETY scarf/ MARC By Marc Jakobs watch

RARE jeans/ REPLAY college sweater/ ALPACA SOCIETY scarf/ MARC By Marc Jakobs watch/ REPLAY clutch

Like to mix fashion styles? Share yours! ;)

Make Your Body Shape Work for YOU! Part 4: 8 Shape

In the previous post about body shapes I wrote about rectangle body shapeToday I want to share with you some styling tips for those women who have body shape.

8 Body Shape:

  • curved shoulders that are as wide as your hips
  • waist is narrower than shoulders and hips 
  • high hip

What works for you if you have 8 body shape?

  • clothes with defined waist that are straight on the bottom 
  • straight/ bootcut jeans
  • straight skirts
  • belted cropped jackets
  • peplums

Here is my party look for you! :) 


The Well-Balanced Wardrobe (Part 2)

In the previous post about Well-Balanced Wardrobe essential wardrobe basics such as white shirt, dark wash (skinny) jeans, leopard print and black pencil skirt were discussed. This post is dedicated to 3 more classics: a little black dress, a trenchcoat and a biker jacket.

5. Little Black Dress

"One is never over-or underdressed with a little black dress" Karl Lagerfeld

Every time I read/see/ hear about a little black dress Audrey Hepburn in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" appears in my mind. Her little black dress by Givenchy became a fashion legend. A little black dress can be found in many variations. Mine is in blue :)  It can be easily combined with some statement accessories. 

ZARA dress and necklace, Dyrberg Kern earrings


6. Trenchcoat

This is a must-have piece for women living in cold climate! :) Think classical & elegant model then your investment will be worth it! ;) And don't be afraid to choose some other colour than practical black or grey! ;)

OASIS trenchcoat/ ZARA dress and necklace/ Dyrberg Kern earrings/ Karen Millen handbag

7. Biker Jacket

It's absolutely mixable! With t-shirts & jeans; dresses, collage name it :))))

VERA PELLE jacket/ ZARA dress and necklace/ Dyrberg Kern earrings

P.S: Special thanks for Architects of Light for amazing job, VULKAN Scandic hotel and KUNSTPLASS5 for hosting our photo shoot! 



The Well-Balanced Wardrobe (Part 1)

"What should I wear?!?!"...If this is the question that bothers you quite often then adding some basics might be essential to rescue your wardrobe (and time)! ;) Here is the list of must-have essentials:

1. White Shirt 

Think about a simple and a classical model. Why? If the quality is good enough it will serve you for years. It's never out of fashion, believe me! ;)

Karen Millen shirt 

Karen Millen shirt /MET jeans/ ASOS pumps

2. Dark Wash (Skinny) Jeans

"Safe" combination is jeans + white shirt...might look a bit boring unless you add some accessories! ;) Plus play by adding different shoes, jackets etc.

Karen Millen shirt /MET jeans/ ASOS pumps/ BIK BOK earings

3. Leopard Print

Animal print is another must-have wardrobe peice! Remember a golden rule here: One leopard per look! The rest should be "quiet"-type pieces :)

OASIS top/ MANGO skirt/ BIK BOK bracelet/ Dyrberg Kern earings

4. Black (Pencil) Skirt

A black skirt goes with almost everything. Are you looking for something chic? See the picture above for inspiration! ;) 


In the next post I'll show you how to play with a biker jacket, a little black dress and a trench coat! Stay tuned! ;)

P.S: Special thanks for Architects of Light for amazing job and VULKAN Scandic hotel for hosting our photo shoot! 

Trade Day Oslo

Last Saturday Dagens Outfit, Fretex and Mesh organized TRADE DAY at Mesh in Oslo.

Brilliant idea for those who like to update their wardrobe without spending money and in addition to participate in a charity project! So called 3-in-1! Extra bonus for our planet Earth - reduced consumption! The idea is quite simple: you exchange your unwanted (read: old, unused, may be boring) clothes for something NEW FOR YOU! I came with 5 pieces and left home with only one (!) new dress. Yes for quality not quantity! ;) Another bonus for the guests was a lottery with designer clothes!

You give clothes en extra "life" before they will end up at Fretex! Abut 500 kg of clothes were gathered that day. The clothes will be also sent to Syria. Thank you, organizers, for giving us the opportunity to help others!

More about Trade Day you can see here



Make Your Body Shape Work for YOU! Part 3: Rectangle Shape


In the previous post about body shapes I wrote about inverted triangle body shape. Today I want to share with you some styling tips for those women who have rectangle body shape

Rectangle Body Shape

  • hardly defined waist
  • slim or broad figure
  • hardly visible curves

What works for you if you have a rectangle body shape?

  • clothes without defined waist (e.g. longer tunics) or details on waist;
  • use a belt on your hips;
  • bubble, trumpet, straght, a-line skirts;
  • avoid the wrap dress;
  • straight or wide leg pants

Here is my party look for you! :) 

Blogger's Bonus

This weekend I spent at Scandic Vulkan Hotel  (Oslo, Norway) having a photo shoot with an amazing photographer Paulina Bartela/ Architects of Light. It was a nice experience except the fact that I got a cold...not the best time to be sick when you planned to have a photo shoot but I tried to make my best of the situation.

I'm really thankful to Scandic team that takes good care of bloggers by giving them an opportunity of free accomodation and WiFi (and free use of Ipad if you need). In my opinion, it's a brilliant concept to support boggers of different kinds!

This modern hotel is located in urban and creative area. The bloggers room has a fantastic view over Grunnerløkka area... what else do you need for inspiration? ;) 

Scandic Vulkan Hotel Blogger's In room

Fantastic view from the room over Mathallen

Have a nice Sunday my dear readers! ;) Photos from the shoot are coming soon and my next post is about a rectangular body shape!



Make Your Body Shape Work for YOU! Part 2: Inverted Triangle Shape

In the previous post I wrote about my body shape form (triangle shape). Today I want to share with you my shopping experience and then share some styling tips for those women who have inverted triangle shape.

Body shape theory really works in practice: I already tested it while doing some shopping for myself. I bought 2 dresses WITHOUT trying them on and they suited me perfectly when I tried them at home :)

Inverted Triangle Shape

  • shoulders are broader than the hips 

What works for you if you have a triangle body shape?

  • tops that de-emphasize your shoulders (trapaze shape tops works fine);
  • jackets without collars;
  • wide straps on tops/dresses;
  • Vs necklines;
  • kimono sleeves;
  • long necklaces;
  • shirt/ halterneck dresses;
  • jeans/ coats with patch pockets;
  • flare, straight, skinny jeans;
  • flared/ pleated/ patterned skirts;

Here is my party look for you! ;) 


Later I'm planning to add several looks to every body shape post on my blog! Stay tuned, more body shapes are coming soon!

Make Your Body Shape Work for YOU! Part 1: Triangle Body Shape

Have you ever bought a dress without even trying it on? Most of the girls would consider it risky... However knowing what works for YOUR body shape can save your time and money. There are 6 body shapes:

  • Triangle
  • Inverted Triangle Shape
  • Rectangle Shape
  • Diamond Shape
  • Hourglass Shape
  • Round Shape

 I would like to start with my body shape - Triangle. You have a triangle body shape if your shoulders are narrower than the hips.

What works for you if you have a triangle body shape?

  • A-style dresses and skirts;
  • jewellery and accessories that draw attention to your upper part;
  • tops and jackets ending around your hip bone;
  • belted cardigans and tunics;
  • puffed sleeves;

As I know preparing for a party can be time consuming so here is my cocktail party look for you! Use as inspiration and go creative!;) 


H&M Studio Live Stream from Paris Fashion Week

This Wednesday I was invited to attend H&M Studio Live Stream from Paris at KavaKava/ Oslo. The place was full of bloggers and it-people. We were honered to see live how H&M Studio celebrated its Autumn/Winter ' 14 collection with a fashion show at historical Grand Palais during  Paris Fashion Week. The whole show and how the event was organized here in Oslo tok my perception of H&M to another level. 

presswall with some historical pictures


enjoying prosecco before the show/ 
photo by A.Stanoi

nice finger-food for the guests

counting last minutes before the live streaming of the show...

live streaming H&M fashion show from Paris

(photos by Fashionable Corner, except the one with me on it)

I was really impressed by collection's mix of feminine and masculine styles; its mix of black, marine blue, off-white, grey and red (one of my fav colors!). The collection was full of ready-to-wear pieces that look stylish and is supposed to be at affordable price level. I can just imagine the crowds of fahionistas in front of the stores at the day when the collection is released in stores :)))  The collection will be in stores and online from 4.09.2014 I'm already looking forward! 


Pictures from the H&M fashion show from Paris you can see here 

H&M Studio Video A/W 14 from Paris you can see here 

And the video from Oslo event is here "Zebra" girl on the sofa is me :) Funny to see myself "from the side" :)))

Winter Glam

This styling project was made in collaboration with photographer Paulina Bartela/ ARCHITECTS OF LIGHT.

The styling was inspired by American stylist Rachel Zoe and her book "Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty and Everything Glamour!"


photo: Paulina Bartela/Architects of Light
styling: FashionableCorner

photo: Paulina Bartela/Architects of Light
styling: FashionableCorner


photo: Paulina Bartela/Architects of Light
styling: FashionableCorner

photo: Paulina Bartela/Architects of Light
styling: FashionableCorner

photo: Paulina Bartela/Architects of Light
styling: FashionableCorner

photo: Paulina Bartela/Architects of Light
styling: FashionableCorner

photo: Paulina Bartela/Architects of Light
styling: FashionableCorner

Thank you, Paulina, for amazing photos!

Fashion Trends Spring 2014

I'm almost done with reading of Zoe's book and I must admit it is SO inspirational...I feel like I found a soulmate as for styling! Unbelivable but her book just fills me with energy TO CREATE! Thank you, Rachel! I wish I've read it a couple of years ago. However as people say that everything comes in its time ;) 

In this post I want to share with you FASHION SPRING TRENDS 2014. The post is done in a way that everybody of you can do a similar research in your wardrobe before running to shop the "hits of the season". The list of the trends you might find at any fashion page such as VOGUE, InStyle, Costume, etc. (plus my short summary here in this post might be helpful). The second step you do is to look what you already have. Then PLAN (in order to escape buying something similar you already have or something you will never use) what to buy, do some marketing research as for prices and only then go shopping! Take a girlfriend or two to enjoy the process even more! ;) 

Photo by Alexandru Stanoi

Styling by Fashionable Corner


1.  Spaghetti-strap dresses

Oh, yes! You might think that it's too cold to wear such beauty but guess what? It's a question how good you are in layering! ;) And who knows, may be you are going to take a vacation somewhere where is hot even in February ;)

2. Pastel Trend  

Photo by Sarmad Jari

Styling by Fashionable Corner


This college sweater was one of my best wardrobe investment ever! You can style it in so many different ways!


3. White Trend

4. Square Trend

Photo by Dement*Eva 
Styling by FashionableCorner
Hair & Make Up Vika Oleynik

This white classic shirt is also easy to play with :) 

5. Metallic Gold + Palette

Photo by Francesco Rivetti

Styling by Fashionable Corner

Night out with the girls? Then something metallic like this skirt is a good safe choice! ;)

These were just some of the trends of the 2014 spring season that personally I liked (and that I already have in my wardrobe) :)) 

On my wish shopping list is a biker jacket, a flower printed dress and a sugar-coated lace top.

Don't hesitate to share your favourites! ;)

Inspirational Fashion Styling Reading

Recently I was doing some research about top world stylists and found out about Rachel Zoe. She is one of the 25 most powerful fashion stylists in Hollywood. In her book  Style A to Zoe: The Art of FAshion, Beauty, and Everything Glamour, Rachel shares "...her insider tips and secrets in this essential guide to fashionable, behind the-velvet-rope living". So, my dear followers, why not to spend some hours reading something inspiring to create new fashion looks? ;) 

Don't hesitate to share in comments your fashion books that inspire you!

Have a nice Sunday evening! ;)

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

It's been a while again since I blogged last time...feel sorry for this as fashion styling is one of my real passions...Christmas holidays are over and now I'm back to normal winter routines. This Christmas I spent at my dream place - MALDIVES! So in order to adapt faster to cold weather I decided to make some fun and go to take new pics...I thought it could help me to fall in love again with the Northen city I live in :)

Who said you can't have fun in winter? :)))

Photo by Alexandru Stanoi

Retouch by Fashionable Corner

Moods of Norway hat

Mango sweater

Zara necklace

Mango shoulder bag

MET jacket


And how do YOU make fun in winter? ;)


P.S: I feel it's my brownest color ever :)))) 


Isabel Marant Pour H&M collection/ Pre-shopping Event in Oslo

Every time I go to the pre-shopping events I continue to be surprised by the amount of fashionistas in Oslo. You can easily recognize them by being stylish from top to toe! :) Yesterday COSTUME organized a pre-shopping event in cooperation with H&M for the launcing of Isabel Marant Pour H&M collection. The store was crowded and among Oslo's fashionistas I even saw one of the participants of STYLISTENE :) The queue was long but the guests were entartained by the Paris-based DJ Ines Melia. 

Something sweet for the guests to kill the time of waiting...

The crowd is waiting to get to see the collection

My favourite :) Nice and easy to mix with basics :)))

I was lucky to get one in my size :)

Always nice to get REAL goodie bags and COSTUME knows how to please its customers :))

Photos by Fashionable Corner 

Sleep tight and share your comments tomorrow! :)

Shopping in Berlin

Have you ever dreamt about a shopping street that never ends? Go to Berlin then! :) Friedrichstraße is the main shopping street in Berlin where you can see a mix of different shops for any budget. Don't worry they all can cover your appetite for current fashion trends :) If you prefer all in one, visit Galaries Lafayette. This store is focused on high-fashion clothing. You can also find there a great variety of beauty products and assesories. So I already started my Christmas shopping....probably too early...but I couldn't stand the temptation of getting a new handbag for this autumn/ winter season :) The first present is bought! It's all about self-love I guess....And how do you spoil yourself? ;)

Zara coat

Marc by Marc Jacobs shoulder bag



Ready, Steady, AUTUMN!

This year I was happy to enjoy a beautiful vacation in Greece and one of the things I want to bring further to the next season is the color! Amazing pink sunsets, I want to have you again and again! :)

Photo by Nathan J Wyatt 

Retouch by Fashionable Corner


GLAMOUR FASHION blames this color to be "the new black" this autumn! I was glad to know that my favourite color this summer is also a trend color in autumn! It is a perfect combination! I was tired of grey, beige and black combination through cold months... Time to add some spices to the autumn looks with the bright colors! ;)

Kudibal Copenhagen Scarf

Dyrberg/ Kern Necklace


And how are YOU going to refresh your wardrobe this season? Share and inspire others! ;)


Amazing Summer Holidays

Finally I visited my dream destination this summer - an amazing island in Greece, called SANTORINI! It's a real paradise on Earth for people in love! :) So romantic place! Best views for the shooting ever! I wish I had my team of photographers and models from Oslo here! Nevertheless I managed to bring some nice pics :) Special thanks to Nathan J Wyatt for taking these nice pictures for us! :) 

This summer I was really into white and gold color combination in my styling! I must admit on pictures it looks gorgeous! What do you think? ;)


Photo by Nathan J Wyatt 

Retouch and styling by Fashionable Corner

Dress by Nina Jarebrink

Watch by Obaku Harmony
Ring, earrings by Dyrberg Kern

Photo by Nathan J Wyatt 

Retouch and styling by Fashionable Corner

Dress by Nina Jarebrink

Watch by Obaku Harmony
Ring, earrings by Dyrberg Kern

Photo by Nathan J Wyatt 

Retouch and styling by Fashionable Corner

Dress by Nina Jarebrink

Watch by Obaku Harmony
Ring, earrings by Dyrberg Kern

Share your summer experience in the comments! 


Oro di Venezia

What: art & fashion/ masquerade event

Where: Shibumi Om

Last Saturday I've been to a wonderful masquerade that took place at Shibumi Om in Oslo. After I've traveled to Venice this year and seen a real masquerade with my own eyes I couldn't miss such a great chance to participate in something similar in Oslo! :)

photo by Øystein Helmersen

Unusual fashion show with a theatrical touch...

photo by Øystein Helmersen

Guests and organizers of the event mix & mingle together :)

Øystein Helmersen

photo by Øystein Helmersen

photo by Øystein Helmersen

Healthy food - happy guests :)

photo by Julia Høgevold

photo by Julia Høgevold


Models from the fashion show

photo by Øystein Helmersen

photo by Øystein Helmersen

This evening I used my Venetian handmade gives a mystic feeling...

photo by Øystein Helmersen

And what do you think about masquerade events? Share your thoughts and leave a comment! ;)


"Je t'aime"

Last Saturday Shibumi Om opened its doors to all fashionistas and those who are in love with French culture! As I mentioned in one of the previous posts the event was organized by Julia Høgevold, Svitlana Punharova and Jeanette Nyquist. The program for the evening was really intensive so the guests didn't have time to get bored! :) Here are some of the beautiful moments:

  • Fashion show By Ti-Mo og Irene Myrbostad
  • Photoshoot of the models and the guests
  • Evening's best outfit competition

Photo by Excellent Picture

Svitlana Punharova (manager at Art + Fashion Events)  with the models

Photo by Excellent Picture

Goodiebags for the guests 

Photo by Veronika Stuksrud

Beatrice and Me (in designer outfit from Rudy Wolff)

Photo by Kenneth Williams/ High & Low Photography

 Jeanette and Fabiola Soberon (on the left)

Thanks to the organizers for a fantastic evening! It was first time for me being a hostess and I must admit I had so much fun! :) You can see more pics from the event  here



Denim Trends Spring/ Summer 2013

           Denim is never out of fashion, the only thing that changes within seasons is the COLOR! Jeans (if not several pairs) is a must in everybody's  wardrobe due to its practical use. It's easy to make an everyday or a party  look  just by adding a top or a blouse plus the right accessories. 

           This season and upcoming summer there are four main denim trends:

  • dark blue raw denim      
  •  light blue denim        
  • saturated blue denim
  • and combination of different denims (patchwork technique) 

Today I want to share with you the look that I created using a denim shirt and a statement necklace. 


                                                    Photo, hair and make up by Fashionable Corner

I just adore statement necklaces! They help to create completely different look without big efforts! :)

Have a nice weekend, my dear readers! Enjoy the sun!


P.S: Thanks to my dear friend Marina for being a patient model in this cold weather! :)


It's All about French! :)

Do you stop breathing when you hear French language? Can't stop uploading French music on your phone? Or French movies are something you can't spend a weekend without? Then you would definetely like a merveilleux  French inspired event of the year  Je t'aime organized by Julia Høgevold, Svitlana Punharova and Jeannette Nyquist at Shibumi Om, just the heart of Frogner, Oslo! Come and enjoy the VIP opening, hostesses dressed in designer dresses from Rudy Wolff, beautiful models in elegant dresses from By Ti-Mo Concept Store, hats parade with designer Irene Myrbostad, a photo exhibition from Pia Jakobsen art exhibition by Kjell Høgsethall these accompanied by classical music! Exclusive goodie bags, champagne and cheese show are waiting for you as well! ;)

Today I went to Shibumi Om studio to meet the designer Rudy Wolff and try a dress I'm going to wear at this event - it's just amazing! Looking forward to be a hostess and meet you, dear guests! ;) So reserve a date in your calendar - 6.04.2013 (18.00 - 23.00) Place: Shibumi Om. More info & guest list:


DRESS CODE: La petite robe Noire & chapeaux!

My version of a  little black dress :))) 

Photo by  Natalia Pipkina

Styling by Fashionable Corner

This photo was taken a couple of years ago but it's still one of my favourite and can be used as a good example of a little black dress! Thank you, Natalia for such an amazing work!




Gallery Point Opening in Oslo!

It became a tradition for me to visit museums or galleries in search for inspiration for creativity. This time I was invited for Gallery Point Opening by my former student, Farnoosh Shahamatdar, a Norwegian-Iranian artist. She has been living in Norway for 26 years. She had a dream to open her own gallery and now it became true! If you can dream it, you can do it! (Paulo Coelho) I'm very proud and happy for Farnoosh!

Farnoosh and me at the Gallery Point (you can see her pictures at the background)

The aim of the gallery is to present a wide and diverse range of art. The gallery will be a venue for established and emerging artists. It will reflect  the variety in Norwegian contemporary art.

Gallery Point was opened with an exhibition of Farnoosh Shahamatdar. Her images are figurative and often colorful. Human beings are used as prominent elements  in a symbolic context.

You can visit her exhibition during 3.03 - 17.03. The gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday from 12.00 to 17.00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00 to 16.00 ( address: Toftes gate 25 A, 0556 Oslo) More info on FB:

Looking forward for new exhibitions and let me know if you want to join me when I'm going there! :)



The Dance of Life

Last Saturday I went to the Nathional gallery in Oslo to see a new picture exhibition called "The Dance of Life". It's a mix of different painters  I like to use museums as a source of my inspiration for my creative work. 

 "The Dance of Life" by Edvard Munch

Munch?s painting shows several couples dancing in a luminous summer night. The central element of the composition is a couple, of whom the woman is wearing a bright red dress that wraps itself around the feet of her dancing partner. Her loose hair swirling about him, they seem to become a single entity. This couple is flanked by two other women, one of them young and radiant in a white dress, the other pale, with sunken cheeks and dressed in black. It is as if a story were being told about various stages in a woman?s life (from A kind of statement: use bright colors ( while you are young! ;)

famous "Scream" 
Edvard Munch


The Scream is the best known and most frequently reproduced of all Munch?s motifs. With its expressive colours, its flowing lines and striking overall effect, its appeal is universal.

Despite radical simplification, the landscape in the picture is recognisable as the Kristiania Fjord seen from Ekeberg, with a broad view over the fjord, the town and the hills beyond. In the background to the left, at the end of the path with the balustrade that cuts diagonally across the picture, we see two strolling figures, often regarded as two friends whom Munch mentions in notes relating to the picture. But the figure in the foreground is the first to capture the viewer?s attention. Its hands are held to its head and its mouth is wide open in a silent scream, which is amplified by the undulating movement running through the surrounding landscape. The figure is ambiguous and it is hard to say whether it is a man or a woman, young or old ? or even if it is human at all (from 

Great use of colors to show feelings and emotions!


"Madonna" by 
Edvard Munch

Three words that were used to describe this motif by the Nathional museum are "passion, pain and life". Again all emotions are expressed by the use of strong colors.

...and my favourite " Inger in Black anf Violet" by 
Edvard Munch. I think she looks amazing and very feminine in this long dark dress.

And what do you use as a source of inspiration for styling, my dear readers? :)


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